Sell My Home In North Georgia & NC

This is the best time to sell a home in North Georgia & NC. Why? The large volume of foreclosures are gone. There is a pent-up demand - we have buyers that are currently looking for homes in North Georgia & NC. We now have the lowest interest rates in history which is enticing more buyers than ever.  Currently there are about 30% more CASH buyers.

Easy Exit Listing Agreement for homes in North Georgia & NC

You aren't locked in to a long-term contract. You can "fire" us if we are not doing our very best. You aren't subject to any further obligations. You are in control of your listing time frame. And we are HIGHLY MOTIVATED to sell your home fast! This Easy Exit Listing Agreement is satisfaction guaranteed.  When you list your home with us, we take the pressure off you and put it on us. You are our employer and you have the right to "fire" us, if we aren't doing our best to serve you. 

Our aggressive Marketing Plan for homes in North Georgia & NC

Our aggressive Marketing plan for homes in the North Georgia & NC area sells more homes, for more money, in less time. Inventory is down. Demand is up. NOW is the time to sell your home in North Georgia & NC. We can help you position your homes to sell. To sell your mountain home, request our Marketing Plan today. Just click on Contact Us or call (706)970-7120.