Homes for Sale in Western North Carolina


Western North Carolina, more commonly known geographically as North Carolina's Mountain Region, is the region of North Carolina that includes the Appalachian Mountains. These mountains have always been known as a beautiful place to visit, highly popular amongst travelers from all around the world. However, with such natural beauty and friendly communities, Western North Carolina is hardly just a place to pass through. With so many homes available for sale, now could be the perfect time to own a piece of this perfect region.

Western North Carolina contains a number of small cities and towns, with few major urban centers. Asheville is the area's largest city, and is located right in the heart of the region. Other cities and towns in Western North Carolina include Hayesville, Murphy, Blowing Rock, and Boone.

Western North Carolina

The Western North Carolina region is home to a wonderful and diverse population, with a rich and unique culture that truly defines the area. Called the Paris of the South, Asheville, the area’s largest city, is a true cultural hotspot. The city has received national recognition as one of the top places to live in the United States.

The beauty of Western North Carolina is composed of the area’s mountains, lakes and forests. The region is home to the Nantahala National Forest, which contains more than 14,000 acres of stunning natural scenery,

Western North Carolina outdoors

The Western North Carolina area is also ideal for outdoors and sporting enthusiasts. The area’s abundant natural resources mean that nearly every home is right around the corner from a new adventure. There are many trails located throughout the Western North Carolina area. These provide residents with miles upon miles of paths that run beside lakes, through forests and over mountains. For hikers, bikers, or those who simply enjoy a leisurely stroll in the evenings, these trails provide an idyllic way to spend time amongst the area’s scenic surrounding.

Western North Carolina has much to offer beyond its natural beauty, in fact the performing arts scene here is thriving. The region is known for everything from theatre to bluegrass. A range of production companies have also seen the beauty in Western North Carolina’s picturesque scenery, as the region has been the filming site of numerous movies and TV shows. Among these films in the extremely popular The Hunger Games film, which was shot in DuPont State Forest and around Asheville.

Western North Carolina Real Estate

There is a range of real estate options available in Western North Carolina, with homes of all sizes and styles available to potential buyers. Beautiful, mountaintop manors tower over the treetops and give buyers a once in a life chance to truly live like a king. Lakeside estates provide the best in luxury living right against the water. Cozy and affordable cabins provide great getaways. Smaller homes in friendly neighborhoods are perfect for families just starting out. The homes for sale in Western North Carolina offer all of this, plus much more.