Homes for Sale in Hiawassee Georgia



Hiawassee is a charming city in North Georgia that embodies a classic, small-town feel. The city was named for the Cherokee word Ayuhwasi, meaning "meadow”, which fits perfectly with the city’s natural beauty. The city’s friendly community has come to define it nearly as much as its scenery does. Homes in Hiawassee place residents amongst the perfect combination of natural beauty and friendly neighbors, making it a truly wonderful place to live.

Hiawassee Living

With such beautiful, natural surroundings, Hiawassee is also home to a number of wonderful ways to enjoy the outdoors.  The city rests on Lake Chatuge, a 7,500-acre man-made reservoir that provides beautiful scenery and an abundance of ways to enjoy it. Of course, water sports are particularly popular in Hiawassee, with a number of lakeside facilities available for boat, Jet Ski, canoe, kayak, and paddleboat rentals.

For those that prefer to enjoy Hiawassee’s beauty on land, horseback riding is incredibly popular in the area. There are numerous facilities throughout the city where residents can board or borrow horses. The opportunity to experience these mountains and their beauty by horseback is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. For those that prefer to travel by foot, one has an abundance of trails to enjoy. As they wind through the mountains, they give residents the opportunity to take in all of the natural beauty while spending quality time outdoors with friends and family.

Downtown Hiawassee

Opportunity in Hiawassee is not limited to what can be done outside; the city is full of a vibrant cultural and artistic scene. There are a variety of ways to partake in the artistic community of Hiawassee. Local venues and playhouses host a number concerts and productions throughout the year. Hiawassee can also be a great city for shopping enthusiasts. The city is home to a number of one-of-a-kind boutiques and local shops that have everything from locally made crafts to priceless antiques.

Hiawassee Real Estate

With such a variation in natural surroundings, Hiawassee offers a range of real estate options. A number of lakeside homes are available, and along the shores of Lake Chatuge are where much of the area’s newer homes can be found. Homes in Hiawassee also come in a range of prices and style, with something to suit every budget and preference. Cozy country homes in friendly areas provide all the beauty of North Georgia along with all the conveniences of the city. Spacious lodge homes with private docks, hot tubs, and beautiful interiors provide the chance to live in luxury amongst the scenic surroundings. Whatever potential buyers are looking for in a home, Hiawassee can provide it.