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Buying a Home in North Georgia & NC

Here are some of our most requested resources when buying with Homes for Sale North Georgia & NC.

 1. “Love It or Leave It” Guarantee

If you are not happy with your home purchase within the first six months, we’ll sell it for you for free. A 3% commission would need to be paid to attract other agents’ clients, but there would not be a 3% commission on the listing side to us.

2.  More Local Real Estate Listings

Access to more local listings first! Search homes for sale like a Realtor. More listings and more accurate than Zillow and Trulia. 

3. $100 “I Want to See it Today” Guarantee

If you want to tour a house today, and we can’t show it to you due to our scheduling conflicts, we will give you $100 back at closing. This does not apply if we can’t view the house due to the seller not being able to show it that day.

4. New Matching Listing Notifications

We will search the market for you all day long every day and you are guaranteed to receive an email of new listings within 24 hours of coming on the market.

5. Free Buyer Strategy Consultation

Learn how to negotiate before you make an offer on a home. In Depth Consultation of Today’s Real Estate Market and How It Affects You When You Are Buying in the North Georgia & NC Mountains.